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Indian Railway Ticket Booking

Indian Railway System- A Blessing in Disguise

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Indian Railways is considered to be one of the vast railways on this planet. It has played a vital role in the Indian freedom movement and is linked to Indian history very tightly. Today, as before, the railway plays a huge part in the economic and industrial development of the nation. Providing transportation to allow for migration of population in search of better opportunities, transferring goods from one place to another to initiate sales of such products are some of the few things that the invention of the rail has allowed us to undergo.

Ticket booking process

The process of Indian railway ticket booking is incredibly simple. There are 3 main ways of booking a ticket. You could go to the railway station, find a counter and book your ticket there manually. Secondly, you could call up or visit the nearest agent and ask them to book your tickets after providing them with appropriate information. Thirdly, you yourself could create and log into your account and fill up journey details.

Once the details are filled, submit them and wait for a list of options according to what you asked for pop up. When this list shows, select the train and the seat/cabin type and then check the seat availability. If available, proceed further by selecting train and filling up passengers and payment details. One payment is done, the portal will automatically message the mobile ticket on your phone and also send you an e-ticket via email. Various schemes are offered on the irctc website and often credit is given to users that travel frequently and use the portal often.

The Indian railways ticket booking system provides a smooth way of ensuring your journey to your destination.